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  Antonio Brown nowhere to be found after Patriots debut
Posted by: The Drifter - 1 hour ago - No Replies

Antonio Brown nowhere to be found after Patriots debut

Antonio Brown was all over the field during his Patriots debut.

But the superstar wide receiver, currently embroiled in a rape lawsuit, was nowhere to be found post-game.

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  After 2 Games
Posted by: SodaCityJag14 - 2 hours ago - Replies (10)

We have definitely left some plays out there (Jalen dropped Pick 6), but I don't know how you can complain about the defensive effort today. Offensively, we have to be patient but Gardner is as tough as nails and has some ability. People trash Fournette, but I am not seeing a ton of running room for him. With space, I think he is pretty explosive still and looks much better than a year ago. Our offensive line is an issue, and it really cost us today at times.

Our biggest issues however seem to be coaching related. The lack of discipline is on Marrone. 
-19 penalties for almost 150 yds the past two weeks cannot happen. 
-I can't say that I blame Jalen for coming unglued on the decision not to challenge. Saw a tweet where an assistant coach also tried to get Marrone to challenge and he still chose not to. 
-To me, the antics on the sideline today are a good indication of where the players are in relation to the head coach. Does not seem to be a ton of respect, and I think at this point we obviously lack discipline. 
-2 pt play was probably the right decision, but based on the routes run on the play, it looked like an RPO? Seems like a ton of responsibility to put on a rookie QB, especially when one option includes a short yardage run, which did not go well at all today at any point. I question putting that decision on the quarterback
-As a high school coach, I normally try to give those guys the benefit of the doubt because it is a very tough job, but a lot of issues are a reflection of the way Doug Marrone has handled his business. Just my opinion. I feel like we can still be talented enough to make playoffs if we can clean up our play on the offensive line

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  Positives out of the loss versus Texans
Posted by: jaguarmvp - 2 hours ago - Replies (10)

1. Garner Minshew.  This guy has swag and believe he has a good future  Had a 97 rating, Threw for 70%, Ran for 40 yards and Scored a passing TD on the game deciding drive.

2. DJ Chark:  This guy is emerging as a play maker.  Another solid game for him.  7 catches 55 yards and a TD

3. Defensive play:  The defense played much better today.  They held their opponents to 13 points, we should win all of those games.

4. Chris Conley:  This guy could be a star.  He looks the part.  4 catches 73 yards

5. Quincy Williams: This rookie was flying all over the field.  6 tackles 3 assist

6. Ramsey:  He dropped the pick but played really well.  I agree that Moron should of thrown the Flag.

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  Impressions From The Texans Game
Posted by: Bullseye - 5 hours ago - Replies (67)

1.  Criticism of head coaches comes with the territory.  Today, Marrone earned the criticism he is bound to receive after today.  Now going for the two some would argue took guts.  But others would argue that the Jaguars had the momentum and, if they took the momentum into overtime, they may have won.  My bigger problem came early in the game, when he didn't challenge that clear drop by Hopkins that continued a drive that resulted in a FG.  As it turns out, had he challenged that play and won, the Texans may have only had 10 points today, not 13.  As to that play and the resulting sideline blowup with Ramsey, that'll be evidence that Marrone doesn't have control of the team, and that Ramsey is a loudmouth and cancer.  While I think Ramsey may have gone too far with his disagreement, I think fundamentally he was right.

2.   For a long time I have liked James Lofton.  During his Hall of Fame career, he was an electric receiver.  A Stanford grad, he's a smart guy, to be sure.  But for goodness sake, his name is pronounced Min-SHOO, not Min-SKEW!!!!!!

3.  Granted, it was in a loss so it doesn't mean too much, but this game represented some redemption for the defense.  The Texans put up, what, 28 points against a good defense in the Saints, but the defense shut them down.  In giving up 13 points, had Marrone challenged that play referenced above, the Texans likely have a FG off the board, and a Minshew fumble in Jaguars' territory led to the Texans' lone TD.  Thing is, they did it without two key starters in Yannick Ngakoue and A.J. Bouye.  I think there were some very nice, Capers influenced blitzes that we haven't seen under Wash before that were nice.  The main thing I had a problem with is the run defense, which has been a problem for years.  But as a whole, they played well this week.

4.  Last week was Richardson's first snaps at LT since high school and he did pretty well.  This week? Not so much, as Whitney Mercilus gave him a hard time.  I still think he can be a good player, even at LT.  But whether at LT or at G, he will have his share of growing pains, like he did today.

5.  Back to the defense for a moment, I would be remiss if I did not give kudos to Taven Bryan.  Throughout last year and more in the preseason, I have been among the many who have been critical of Bryan.  Today, he seemingly had his best game as a pro, with two impressive pressures on Watson.  If he continues to play at this level, I will feel much better about his selection.  In fairness, he was going against Tytus Howard, a rookie making his first start.  howard struggled mightily.  But also in fairness, I had doubts that bryan could even succeed under those circumstances.  So kudos to him for his play today.

6.  Zero problems with special teams today.  Lambo and Cook had good games, as did the coverage teams.

7.  Rookie Watch:

  • Josh Allen-Got his first official sack today, though it was more the result of a fumble than it was him beating a tackle.  He had a pressure that impacted a throw, resulting in an incompletion, and had another TFL.  Early on, I saw him dropped into coverage on some plays, and I didn't care for that.
  • Jawaan Taylor-Had a tough assignment in J.J. Watt, and held up decently.  had at least one false start penalty, and there was another that could have been called but wasn't.
  • Josh Oliver-DNP
  • Quincy Williams-Wow.  Had numerous instances where the closing speed that Marrone gushed about was in full display.  Filled the hole on a running play and hit with authority on one play, and it left me thinking Telvin Smith never makes that play.  He did have the play where he was in great position to stop their TE in the left sideline area well short of the first down, only to be dragged by the bigger guy past the marker.  But I'm not sure how anyone seeing the game can question the wisdom of investing that pick on Williams at this point.
  • Ryquell Armstead-DNP
  • Gardner Minshew-I have to say I liked a lot of what I saw.  One thing I notice about him thus far is he doesn't seem to make too many bad decisions.  The last drive he showed some guts.  He wasn't afraid to attack downfield, either.  However, the big thing were the 3 fumbles, including the one inside Jaguars territory that gave the Texans the short field they needed to score the TD.  I'm still not sure his arm will let him be a starter, but I think he'll be a great backup.   But I would gladly eat crow on that point, and I'm willing to say there is some substance to the popularity he enjoys.
  • Dontavious Russell-I did not see him.
8.    I have to give kudos to the WRs.  During the preseason, even though as a general rule, I know you can't take too much from preseason, I expressed concern about the WR position in part due to the lack of productivity in the preseason, and in part due to the lack of production Conley and Chark have had in the past.  But I'm thrilled to see the confidence I had in Chark was not misplaced.  Furthermore, Conley has exceeded my expectations and has given us some good receptions. Last week you could kind of mitigate their contributions as the result of going against a poor defense with a big lead.  Not today.  While I think the Texans are vulnerable in their secondary, they have a better defense overall than KC.  Bottom line, I am much more confident in the position than I was before.

9.  I really wish Ramsey had held onto that INT.  If he does, we win that game.

10.  Bottom line-I fully expect there to be some growing pains involved with Minshew as more and more film on him becomes available.  I fully expected him to be a big liability early on.  But generally, he has acquitted himself well.  If the team can execute a little better, cut down on penalties, stay health and make a play or two, we can win some games with Minshew in the lineup. That said, this was a tough one to lose, and we come home on a short week to face the tacks, who torture us in these circumstances.

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  Week 2 games
Posted by: JagFan81 - 5 hours ago - Replies (26)

Oakland 10-0 up on KC, oh wait KC just scored. 10-7.

Bills winning again, Niners putting up 40, Pat's win 43-0 @Miami, 

Ravens and Cowboys started well too

Brees out injured. Bridgewater in for Saints.

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  The most important question going into this season
Posted by: Jagulars - 11 hours ago - Replies (2)

Who has the better mustache?  Khan or Minshew?

Continue reading.. - Jaguars QB Nick Foles had plate, screws inserted
Posted by: Jaxson - Today, 07:30 AM - Replies (10)

Jaguars QB Nick Foles had plate, screws inserted

Jacksonville quarterback Nick Foles won't be on the sidelines today as he cannot travel after undergoing collarbone surgery in which he had a plate and screws utilized.

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  ***Official Jaguars @ Texans Game Day Thread***
Posted by: AmeliaFL - Today, 12:00 AM - Replies (941)

Hi, Jaguars fans!    Smile  Our Jacksonville Jaguars are in Southeast Texas to play the Houston Texans in the first  AFC South divisional matchup between 0-1 teams.

Rookie QB Gardner Minshew II, the Jaguars 2019 sixth round draft pick from Washington State , makes his first career start after Nick Foles suffered a broken left clavicle during the KC Chiefs game, eventually had surgery and he was placed on injured reserve.  Jaguars made a trade with the Steelers to acquire QB Joshua Dobbs to backup Minshew.

WR Marqise Lee and CB A.J. Bouye will not play with the Jaguars at Houston though on Sunday.

Jacksonville and Houston are meeting and playing in their 35th all-time regular season game, with the Texans leading 21-13-0, since their rivalry began after Houston re-entered the NFL in 2001.  Texans swept the regular season series over the Jaguars in 2018,  winning 20-7 at TIAA Bank Field back on October 21, and later at NRG Stadium in the season finale, winning again 20-3 back on December 30.

Jaguars  last defeated the Texans at Houston with the help of their 'Sacksonville' defense winning 29-17 back on September 10, 2017.

Andrew Catalon and former Packers wide receiver James Lofton are announcing the live TV game commentary for The NFL On CBS.

Frank Frangie, and former Jaguars offensive linemen Jeff Lageman and Tony Boselli are also announcing the live game radio play-by-play and analysis, simulcast on flagship stations WJXL 1010 AM, 92.5FM, and KGNE Country 99.9FM in Middleburg, and the Jaguars Radio Network.

NRG (Energy) Stadium's roof will definitely be closed for this afternoon's 1:05 PM Eastern Standard Time kickoff because outside the stadium area in Houston the local gamecast is sunny and clear skies at 91 degrees, feels like 95 degrees, 0% precipitation, 46% humidity, and northeast winds at 9 miles per hour.

Head  Linesman Scott Novak leads his NFL officiating crew to supervise the game action on the playing field between the Jaguars and Texans.

NO injuries to the Jaguars and Texans players, win your first road game at the Houston Texans in two years, and LET'S GO JAGUARS!!!!!  DUVALLLLL Wink  Wink  Cool   Big Grin

2019 Jaguars @ Texans Game Preview, Team Injury Report, Live NFL Game Center,  NFL TV Distribution Map In Sky Blue, And WJXL Live Radio Streaming:  (Adobe PDF Reader)[email protected]

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  What is FSU's problem? It's embarrassing...
Posted by: Rockman1966 - Yesterday, 11:41 PM - Replies (4)

1. Complete lack of discipline  4x personal fouls on UVA's last scoring drive
2. Coaches and players that lack football intelligence Stupid, unnecassary penalties at critical times
3. No accountability Make each stupid play cost playing time, or stadiums, 100 yard suicides, or special 1:1 time with the Strength Coach at 5am
4. Horrific Defensive Coordinator Zero creativity
5. Pathetic play-calling by OC Stop with the bubble screens and 5 yard WR routes, use Akers

I'm embarrassed.  I'm embarrassed for the university, embarrassed of the lack of effort, embarrassed for a head coach that so obviously lack the proper football acumen to lead an elite football program or what was an elite program less than 5 years ago.  I was called most of UVAs and the FSUs plays the entire game.  I'm no guru, but I do know tendencies, formations, and match-ups.  The entire FSU football program lacks focus, attention to detail, and sophistication.  I would be OK if I thought the FSU kids were getting coached up, but they're not.  I might also be OK if I saw smart, consistent play, but I'm not.  I might be OK if I felt the HC was putting his team in the best position to win, but I do not.  And, the worse thing I can say about Taggart is he lacks the outward emotion and emotional intelligence to succeed at FSU.  Don't get me wrong.  He's a nice guy.  And we all know where nice guys finish.
The lights are too bright for Willie, he's in way over his head.  

*Hornibrook was 26-6 as a starter at Wisconsin. That's 26-6 in the Big Ten. Hasn't played a down. Insane.

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  Chip Kelly
Posted by: hailtoyourvictor - Yesterday, 09:37 PM - Replies (7)

Does TMD still post here? I’d love to here what that blowhard thinks about Chip Kelly now.

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