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  Gardner Minshew Film Analysis-Strong Opinion Sports
Posted by: PS9 - 45 minutes ago - Replies (1)

Courtesy of Strong Opinion Sports. This guy does great film analysis. Especially on quarterbacks. He did Minshew’s starts.

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  NFL attendance
Posted by: p_rushing - 3 hours ago - Replies (1)

You can view the other weeks also, but the NFL has a huge problem with attendance. They have to either fix the issues or move games. They will most likely look to move 1 game for all teams out of the US in the new CBA. Then the market will be too saturated and fans will stop buying tickets outside the US.

It costs too much money for games, parking, food, etc to go spend 4-5 hours or more depending on where you live to watch a terrible product on the field. The NFL is going to kill itself because they keep trying to increase revenue instead of improving the play and experience of being at a game.

Much like companies solely focused on stockholders, they are setting themselves up for failure.

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  The last two minutes of the first half
Posted by: JagFan81 - 5 hours ago - Replies (2)

What the hell happened here? So let's recap.

*Colts go for it on 4th and 4 from our 40. 21 sec left
*Incomplete pass, turnover on downs. 1st down, on our 40, 17 seconds left, 1 TO.
*1st down, short pass to Cole who gets 12. 1st down on Colts 48. 12 seconds left, use TO. 

Now if you watch the game, Foles is making the 'what's the call' motion to his helmet. We had taken a TO and I dont know what happened there. Just get the snap off too.

*1st down, Foles tries to hit Chark on a post route, double covered, incomplete. 7 seconds left.
*2nd down, WR screen to Chark for 2 yards, 2 seconds left
*3rd down, on Colts 47, another WR screen to Chark for 18 yards, tackled by 4 Colts. Half.

We had a similar mess against Houston. This is one of my issues, how careless and sloppy we can be with possession.

Continue reading.. - Injuries: Marlon Mack (hand) to miss Colts-Texans
Posted by: Clot - 6 hours ago - No Replies

Injuries: Marlon Mack (hand) to miss Colts-Texans

Indianapolis Colts running back Marlon Mack underwent surgery on his broken hand and will miss this week and likely more. Here are other injuries we're tracking Monday.

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  Jags sign Nick O'Leary
Posted by: Rockman1966 - 7 hours ago - Replies (15)

Just in.  He was cut by Fins.  We'll see.

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  Week 12 Updates/News
Posted by: NYC4jags - 8 hours ago - Replies (18)

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  We're not talking about a total rebuild here.
Posted by: JagFanFirst - 10 hours ago - Replies (7)

We've got some great pieces, and I don't want to get rid of them.

On defense Ngakoue, Allen, Ronnie Harrison. I like Boyoue (SP).  On offense, I like all of our receivers with the exception of Lee.

I think the tear-down and rebuild will focus on the OL and front 7 of the defense. On the OL, I would think no one is safe, with the possible exception of Taylor the rookie, because he's so young. I don't think Linder is all that anymore. Norwell is a decent run blocker, but it doesn't compensate for his poor pass blocking and his tendency to commit penalties.  I'm disappointed with Robinson. I expected more from him.  He might be safe next year, because LTs are so hard to find.

I could move on from Fournette, although I doubt they cut him next year.

I love Minshew. I'd like him to continue playing this year, to work through his problems, and see if we have a franchise QB.  Marrone won't let that happen though.

On defense, the LBs are a mess. I don't know what to do with Jack, and who knows what's going on with Telvin Smith.

Losing Dareus hurts. I bet (hope) we spent one of our first-round picks on a mean nasty DT.  That's basically one of the major problems with this team--our LOS aren't tough or very smart.

Of course, it goes without saying that Marrone and Caldwell are gone.  I actually think Caldwell's done a pretty good job in drafting in recent years. But the Jags seem to lose great players to other teams (A-Rob and Ramsey). I don't want to be a farm team for the Bears and Rams anymore.

Thoughts? Arguments?

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  Monday Morning GM: How would you fix this team?
Posted by: Talented Kalamari - Today, 08:33 AM - Replies (50)

This one’s always fun. Let’s assume that you’re the GM of our Jaguars (You’re guaranteed the job for at least the next few years hypothetically) 

What do you do to fix this team? Spend big in free agency? Add some pieces in the draft? Blow it up and start all over? Clean house and bring in an entirely new staff?

Now’s your time to shine.. aaaand go!

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  BULLSEYE'S 6th Annual "THIS WEEK IN THE AFCS" - Week 12
Posted by: KodiakJag - Today, 07:43 AM - Replies (4)

I'm filling in for Bullseye while health issues prevent him from posting.  Bullseye, we all miss you and hope your situation improves.

Jacksonville @ Indianapolis - Recap

I run a chess club every Saturday from Noon-5pm here in Anchorage except for June/July/August when I am fishing, golfing or otherwise enjoying the beautiful (and always too short) Summer with my family.  After about 2 hours at the club last Saturday, this year's first snow came.  In between making moves on the board many of us looked out the windows at the seemingly endless snowfall and realized that this was, indeed, the end of Fall.
The next morning I had planned to take Zachary (my son) with me to breakfast at the Peanut Farm (a local restaurant & sports bar) and watch the Jags game.  However, we woke up too late and I also had tons of shoveling to do in the driveway.  So, I stayed home and followed game updates on my cellphone as well as reading the official game thread.

Like the thick blanket of snow that ended our Fall season, the Jaguars similarly saw an end to their postseason hopes yesterday.  There were few bright spots in yesterday's 33-13 beatdown in Indy.

- The game was effectively over before the 4th quarter had started
- Our poor run defense was on display, as the Colts would end up with over 260 rushing yards
- Nick Foles was obviously rusty, and maybe a little scared with how our o-line was performing
- We never had time (or the ability) to establish a run game of our own
- The officiating was more suspect than normal (judging by comments in the game thread)
- Our team was failing at the fundamentals (like maintaining gap assignments and wrapping up on tackles)

...I could go on, but it would be largely narrative.

In what seems like a repetitive admission of sin, the post-game press conference yesterday saw Head Coach Douglas Marrone taking responsibility for the team not being prepared...after two uninterrupted weeks of planning and preparation for a heavily injured opponent.

While there are more football games to be played, they now take on a different meaning.  This loss hurt, and left most Jaguars fans (myself included) longing for some sort of reckoning by Jaguars owner Shahid Khan at season's end.

Houston @ Baltimore - Recap

Texans fans had a terrible week as well.  First, the Jaguars didn't do them any favors by rolling over for Indy.  Second, they got to witness a beatdown of their own with their team losing 41-7 to the Ravens.  Deshaun Watson, the fountainhead of good fortune for the Texans, was repeatedly harrassed in a strong performance from the Ravens defense.  He was sacked 7 times.  He was intercepted once.  He was hurried countless times.  He failed to throw a touchdown pass.  The Texans did not get on the scoreboard until 7 minutes left in the game.  Baltimore's running game was in full swing, also gaining over 260 yards.  Lamar Jackson again looked legit.  This was a statement game by Baltimore that said "We'll be waiting for the Patriots in the Conference Championship and we'll beat them again."

Now for the picks:

Game 1  (Indianapolis @ Houston)  THURSDAY NIGHT GAME!!  Get your picks done before then!

If you're a football fan, it doesn't get any better than this.  The Colts (6-4) travel to Houston (6-4) for a divisional game that features two teams firmly in the playoff hunt, with the winner getting one step closer to the title of AFCS champion.  This would be the second meeting of these two teams this year, the first meeting ending in a 30-23 Colts victory.  The Texans look to rebound at home from last week's dismantling in Baltimore, while the Colts aim to continue their injury-riddled journey towards the postseason.  Colts running back Marlon Mack broke his hand last week vs. Jacksonville, and will not be playing in Houston.  This will have an effect on Indy's production, but how much?  I figure the Texans will return to form and do enough to outlast the Colts in a tough game at home.

Texans  33
Colts  21

Game 2  (Jacksonville @ Tennessee)

Titans fans look forward to payback as the Jaguars travel to Nashville for the 4pm game.  The Jaguars embarrassed the Titans in week 3, delivering a 20-7 spanking that became one of the nails in Mariota's coffin as starter.  Since then, Tannehill has more or less righted the ship, and has Tennessee at a respectable 5-5 record.  The Jaguars sit at 4-6, losing last week to an Indianapolis team that showed a lot of heart.  Jaguars QB Nick Foles will be starting, and should perform a little better in this game.  Both teams are healthy, and this game is expected to be competitive.  I give the edge to Tennessee, who had 2 weeks to prepare for this game and will undoubtedly utilize a strong run game to control the clock and wear down our Jaguars defense.

Titans  24
Jaguars  17

Last Week  2-0
Overall  23-11

Pete Prisco last week  1-1
Pete Prisco overall  17-17

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  The positives are the colts Stampede...
Posted by: jaguarmvp - Yesterday, 10:59 PM - Replies (10)

Try to keep it positive here because we all know there are a thousand negatives..

1. Josh Allen tied Yannick's sack record of 8 today

2. DJ Chark continues to be a weapon with over 100 yards receiving and 2 td's.

3. Taven Bryan flashed a couple of times today

4. I noticed players still competing (Cole for example) despite the game being out of reach.  You can't coach heart.

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