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  Week 11 Injury Report
Posted by: NYC4jags - 1 hour ago - No Replies

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  Steeler fan here
Posted by: Steelers Beaches - Yesterday, 05:25 PM - Replies (11)

I'm a former western PA dweller who moved down here to the beaches in 2001.

When the Jags came into being, I despised them, as it was a "down" phase with the Steelers and Jags got good quickly.
Back in those days, we were in the same division, and if I recall, we were the Jags 1st win in franchise history, beating us
as an underdog. So right out of the blocks, I loathed the Jags, and most everything about them. I remember being in glee
after TN was the only team to beat them in 1999, all THREE times. Boy, the Jags were really good then. Coughlin, Brunell,
Boselli, Taylor, Brackens, Jimmy, Keenan, Hardy, Searcy, Donovan, Paup, Lake, Bryant. 

Oddly, I didn't even know where Jax was; I actually thought it was in the same town as the Gators (I think since the FL-GA
game was played here). But fate being what it is, I got a job here, and obviously, figured out where Jax was in the process.

I no longer despise the Jags, being that I live here, I want my new hometown team to be decent and not be moved. But
in no way do I root for the Jags on the same level as the Steelers. I get people - some strangers others not - who ask me
why I am not a full-blown Jags fan, i.e. wear Jags shirts, not Steelers. Well, Steeler fans do not change allegiance like
changing underwear. That is why you see so many Steeler fans at away games. Unbeknownst to the clueless announcers, 
all those fans did not travel to the away games, as much as most of the fans you see moved to those towns and remained
Steeler fans. When I wear my Steeler gear (which is often) I can't tell you how many Steeler fans comment. There are a LOT
of transplants down here. 

Anyhow, I now live here at the beaches and love it. Yes, the 95 degree days are a little brutal but as long as I am not up
on a roof or whatnot during them, I've adapted. And the non-July-Sept days are superb. 

Anyhow, with this game approaching, these are my thoughts. 

1.) I was pulling for the Jags to bring Coughlin back on board and I predicted if they did he would turn them around in a short order.
He did. Even faster than I anticipated. I thought they would flirt with the playoffs, not make it all the way to the AFCC game and
be up by 10 on the Pats last season. 

2.) After hearing so much cockiness by the Jags in the off-season, and early on this season, I felt they were setting themselves up
for a fall, and they did. I questioned if they knew how to manage success and they did not. I'm a little surprised Coughlin didn't
keep them from falling into the pit, but for whatever reason, he could not. 

3.) Could the Jags right the ship and beat the Steelers this week? I think they could. Pgh is ready for a backward step themselves. It's
in their nature to overlook teams, as the coach has trouble with keeping them focused after success. And we all know the Jags have
a track record of beating the Steelers (just above .500, even though I hear Jag fans claim they "own" Pgh, they are just about even
in win-losses). 

Any how, I wish you luck after Sunday. And if this season ends up being lost, hopefully they come back in 2019. I want this area to
keep an NFL team. Jags still have a lot of good players, albeit some were a little overrated and I'm not sure Bortles is the answer. I never

Here's to a good game with no major injuries to either side. Oh, and if you bump into Steeler fans acting like jerks, they most likely do
not live here; it's the fans who still live in western PA who lean towards being rude. Most Steeler fans who live here have mellowed out
and are now more polite. There's something about living in western PA that makes you uncool. I have some theories on it.

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  2018 NFL TV Distribution Maps - Week 11
Posted by: AmeliaFL - Yesterday, 05:05 PM - Replies (1)

Hi, Jaguars fans!   Smile   Jim Nantz and Tony Romo are announcing as the Jaguars Vs. Steelers home game will be the NFL On CBS's primary single header game this Sunday, seen regionally, and locally on CBS Channel 47. Wink Cool

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  Marrone Presser Notes (wednesday)
Posted by: NYC4jags - Yesterday, 01:43 PM - Replies (1)

RE: steelers TEs - 

"difficult to defend when there's also pro-bowl players at WR and probably RB too. It's gonna take all 11 guys doing their job and knowing their role..."

re: correcting mistakes -  

...we're beating ourselves early on with penalties, turnovers, and blown assignments.  ...We're all frustrated. 

...Linder had surgery - it went well.  Flowers will likely play tackle.  Not practicing: Ankou, Meeks , Walker

Just caught the end of it. Link to whole presser:

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  Calling all JAGS Fans - We MUST Stick Together
Posted by: Omaha's Number 1JAGSFAN - Yesterday, 12:51 PM - Replies (15)

I have been traveling out of the country on holiday the past few weeks, and was stunned, dismayed, shocked and mortified to learn that the prime-time Jags - Steelers match up has been moved, or as Goodell so eloquently puts it, "flexed" to 12:00. I am stunned that Jags nation has remained silent and allowed for this to happen. I will not. I've sat on this for 24 hours and would like to utilize this forum to share some thoughts.

First off, who is the NFL to tell us when we can or can't play? Why didn't we just say "Stuff it Goodell", we are going to play our game as scheduled at the time we agreed on months and months ago and if you want to go show the Vikings - Bears, then the people will get to choose which game they watch. I've been patient through an otherwise tumultuous season, but I feel this shows a real lack of leadership of Dan Edwards: Senior Vice President, Communications for the Jags. Leadership starts at the top, and while I don't want to play the blame game, perhaps if Mr. Edwards had displayed a more prominent leadership role in his position, it would have trickled down to our players and we might be be in a better spot in the AFC South.

How does Goodell ever expect us to get good recruits if we are never on prime time??? We haven't even had the chance to play on Thursday the past few years - and if you don't believe me here then go look at the schedule. We just haven't!!! I think everyone knows that we have a great starting 11 on offense and a great starting 11 on offense, but when our guys get injured, we have no new recruits that are very good to fill in for them. It's truly a conspiracy - keep the Jags off prime time for several years, fake like your going to put them on prime time and then pull the rug out from the players, coaches and fans. 

Does anyone else find it weird that we had to play the NY Jets and Giants within the same month, two teams that share a stadium  and then Dallas and Houston, two teams from the state of Texas in back to back weeks??? All the Jets had to do was to walk across the hall to the Giants staff to trade game film on the Jags and I'm sure all the Texans and Cowboys had to do was meet somewhere in Centerville, Texas, which is roughly three miles from the exact midpoint between the two cities - and just like that game film is exchanged while the Jags have to wait in the mail for film to arrive. I think there is a direct correlation between the Jags coaches having to over prepare to compensate for opponents easily exchanging game film and then being to tired to coach on Sunday  due to the unfair and biased scheduling of Roger Goodell. When it looks like a rat, and smells like a rat, well.......

On a personal level, who do I send my bill for to repay me for all the nacho dip, smokies, blue cheese crumbles and celery that I bought for my primetime Jags party on Sunday??? No one wants to come over now to watch the Vikings - Bears, so I'm stuck with all of this food. I think I'll send these receipts directly to the NFL office. 

I call on all Jags Fans to boycott the Minnesota - Chicago game on Sunday night. Instead, I want to see all of us pull out the VHS tape of the game vs, New England, stick it in the VCR,  and watch instead. By doing so, we can all enjoy what the Jags were before the season was taken away from us by the manipulative and malicious practices of one person, Roger Stokoe Goodell. I can only hope that if we can overcome adversity, beat the Steelers that RSG can make things right by flexing our on Sunday the 25th vs. The Bills, to Thanksgiving Day, in a prime time slot. This is only fair and this is only right.

Continue reading.. - Jaguars pin broken coverage vs. Colts on 'brain farts'
Posted by: Jaxson - Yesterday, 11:40 AM - Replies (1)

Jaguars pin broken coverage vs. Colts on 'brain farts'

The Jacksonville Jaguars rank first against the pass, but they certainly didn't look like it against the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday. Tashaun Gipson blamed the breakdowns on "brain farts".

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  If we have one more win..
Posted by: Andy G - Yesterday, 02:00 AM - Replies (36)

If win just one more game this season, who would you want to beat the most?

This isn’t a prediction, I’m just curious what your priorities are.

Would you want to end the losing run and get revenge on the Titans?

Maintain our domination over the Steelers?

Avoid humiliation against the Bills?

Maybe show the Texans they’re not the juggernaut they might think they are?

Another team?

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  Chiefs V Rams
Posted by: SamusAranX - 11-13-2018, 07:27 PM - Replies (9)

Who you got? 

I give the Rams the slight nod as they got a decent defense while the Chiefs is way more porous

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  Barry Church got blowed up on this play
Posted by: JagFanatic24 - 11-13-2018, 06:07 PM - Replies (6)

Wow. He got pancaked.

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  Jags Sign G Patrick Omameh (&LB Spaight)
Posted by: NYC4jags - 11-13-2018, 04:22 PM - Replies (19)

The Jags have brought back a familiar face at guard after their O-Line sustains yet another injury.

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