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  All isn’t lost after todays loss to the Browns
Posted by: JagFanatic24 - 5 hours ago - Replies (30)

Tough loss today. Can’t really point the finger at 1 player or 1 play. Just got out played today and Joe Flack made quick reads and flat out beat us. Once the 4th down turned into a Browns TD, Williams slipped. It seemed like we was going to come back and win. The turnovers, the Gostis offsides, the Ridley miscommunication, the failed 2 point conversion.

The Jaguars offensive line needs a prayer right now, but with that said we still got to see Lawrence in action after a nasty ankle sprain from last week. And with that, I’m still keeping the playoff hopes alive around these parts. Engram is having the best season a TE has ever had in franchise history. Etienne is up to 10 TDs which doesn’t happen around here very often.

The Texans laid an egg against the Jets and got smoked 30-6.

Colts got smoked by the Bengals 34-14.

We still lead the AFC South and are poised for a home playoff game. 

Next week we have the Ravens at home on Sunday Night on Prime Time. Forget about the seeding and let’s just go find a way to win.

It’s the NFL, and they get paid millions of dollars to play too. You can find happiness in knowing that your franchise QB is still out there playing football and laying it all on the line for this franchise and the fans. 

Just get 1 more win and beat the Titans and we should be good to go. 

We’re leading the division which was the number 1 goal from jump street. 

Antonio Johnson is going to be another great ball player for this team in the future, along with Buster Brown. Johnson impressed today with the huge sack/forced fumble off the edge. Buster played solid on special teams with some key tackles and led the team in combined tackles. Junior showed some value by stepping in at Strong Safety while Jenkins laid was shaken up a couple times.

Biggest game of the year coming this Sunday Night, at home, under the lights. It’s going to be electric.

Then we go to the Buccaneers, return home for the last home game of the regular season for the Panthers, and then travel to the Titans.

We’re chillin

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  Frank Wychek passes away. A nightmare for Jgs.
Posted by: Rockman1966 - 10 hours ago - Replies (2)

When a TE runs wild on the Jags my go to line is, "Frank Wychek still wide open in the back of the endzone."  He killed the Jaguars.  Sorry to hear of his passing.

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  ***Jaguars @ Browns Gameday***
Posted by: JagFanatic24 - 12-09-2023, 11:00 PM - Replies (1531)

The 8-4 Jaguars look to win their 9th straight win away from Jacksonville. Looking to get back on track against the 7-5 Browns.

The Jaguars are 12-6 against the Browns all-time.

Both teams will be without key players. A win will push the Jaguars to 9-4 and they can start setting their sights on the post-season. 

With all those wins stacked earlier in the season, it’s going to come down to these next couple weeks. The Colts and Texans are on our heels, so a win would be huge. 

Let’s get this dub! 

Key Matchups:

Texans @ Jets 
Colts @ Bengals 

Weather Report: 37 degrees with up to 18 mph wind gusts at 1:00 PM (AccuWeather)

Browns are favored by 3 points.

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  Talking on the Driving Range
Posted by: The Real Marty - 12-09-2023, 12:19 PM - Replies (2)

I often go to the driving range, sometimes I meet a friend out there, and we chat in between hitting balls.  So, question for all you golfers out there:  

If you are on the driving range, are you disturbed by other people having a chat with each other?  And is it wrong to talk on the driving range while other people are hitting balls?

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  Parker Washington Impressions
Posted by: Newton - 12-08-2023, 10:55 AM - Replies (16)

I know a lot has gone on with the jags this past week, so this has been somewhat lost in the shuffle. However, Parker Washington really had a hell of a game playing relief for Kirk. That endzone catch was insane. Obviously it’s just one game, but a very promising start none the less. Do you guys think he can keep it rolling against the Browns?

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  Week 14
Posted by: homebiscuit - 12-07-2023, 10:21 PM - Replies (21)

Everyone is looking at you, Mike Tomlin.

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  Sean McDermott - Tyler Dunne article
Posted by: imtheblkranger - 12-07-2023, 07:11 PM - No Replies

Idk why my font is so small…

But holy [BLEEP]

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  Week 14 injury report
Posted by: Jag149 - 12-07-2023, 05:52 PM - Replies (14)


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  10th Annual TWITAFCS Week 14
Posted by: Mikey - 12-07-2023, 12:39 PM - Replies (11)

Not sure about any of you, but still trying to recuperate after Monday's faceplant against the Bungles. The worst that many of us feared became reality, although reports appear positive that Trevor's injury is not nearly as devastating as it could have been. Playoffs may still be in reach, both for the Jags and a number of our pickers. For others like yours truly, it's gonna take a lot of dominoes to fall to find my record anywhere near the top this season. Schedule not doing the Jags any favors this week, and unless you chase the upset specials, not much chance to make any ground on the top prognosticators. That said, here's this week's slate:

tinhorns @ NYJ: The Jest are in full trainwreck mode, with their named starter even second-guessing the decision to put him back on the field. The tinhorns should make easy work of this team, unless Dell was the team MVP. (Spoiler: he wasn't.)

indynoplace @ CIN: Minshew's managed to keep the horseshoes in contention. The bungles stole one Monday and might still dream of postseason if they can go on a run. Battle of backups can either become must-see TV or a comedy of errors.

Duval @ CLE: Does he start? Does he play? The Jags are keeping all options open, but if I were the Browns' DC, I'd be focused on stopping the run and short game assuming CJB gets the call. DTR is back from injury, but are they better off with him or Flacco?

tacks @ MIA: Cripes almighty, get the crime scene tape and a mop, this one should be a bloodbath.

I limped (heh) along to a 1-2 record last week and sit at 21-19. My picks:

tinhorns 29 JEST 3 - I sure hope Saleh has a good therapist, that team is so dang depressing. At least 10 points off turnovers for the horns.
indynoplace 21 CIN 19 - Minshew magic is here to stay. Jags fans lament that a Gus Bradley-led defense manages to keep Browning and the Bungles in check.
CLE 24 Duval 17 - CJB gets the start. Poor weather will not help our patchwork line. Jag fans still leave the game optimistic that Trevor is healing and will be ready for the next Primetime showdown.
MIA 40 tacks 17 - Tua and Hill connect for over 200 yards. The tacks continue to fall apart. Do they completely implode this game? It seems like a ticking bomb at this stage. Question is more when than if.

Best of luck, everyone!

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  Jags need to not make supper bowl
Posted by: snowwolf776 - 12-07-2023, 09:20 AM - Replies (10)

we performed terrbile on nationtial tv on monday night football tottattly chocked. the team isn"t  ready yet ,but we do need to get some more playoff expirence though. a majority of the time a team gets to super bowl,and loses they don't make it back to playoffs.  if we can't win the Super Bowl i would rather not make it.  here is a link.

I'm just saying team is serveal playeers away from being that good, and no were near ready for nationtial spotlight.

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