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  Best way to watch the Jags from afar
Posted by: Sibelius - 2 hours ago - Replies (14)

I live in Dallas, Texas, and here in the land of the 4" belt buckle we don't get many Jags games. 

My wife refuses to go with DirectTV so no NFL Sunday Ticket for me, unfortunately. I'm trying to find a way to watch all the Jags games live this year on TV. It looks like Hulu TV might do it but I'm open to suggestions. 

How do you watch Jacksonville play from outside the area?

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  Jags Schedule Predictions (MNF, etc.)
Posted by: HURRICANE!!! - 4 hours ago - Replies (11)

List your predications related to the Jags schedule

1 Thursday Night game - Jags @ Jets (just hope we don't get the Jags vs Titans traditional Thursday night snoozer).
0 Monday Night games

Opening week - Jags @ Texans
London game - None due to Covid-19 (International travel still a risk)

Opening Week Thursday Night Feature Game - Cowboys @ Bucs
Thanksgiving Night Game - Bills @ Bucs

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  More post draft analysis
Posted by: Bullseye - Yesterday, 11:16 AM - Replies (26)

Not wanting to belabor a point...but this time of year is awful for football withdrawal.

This from Peter King and Mike Florio

This from Pro Football Focus

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  Tailgate Request- Visiting Fan
Posted by: azcardsdingus - 05-07-2021, 03:58 PM - Replies (2)

Hello Jags Nation!!!  Let me explain my post:  I am from Gilbert, AZ and a fan of the Arizona Cardinals.  So what am I doing on the Jags Message Board, you may ask?  I started about 8 seasons ago, and my wife joined me for the past 4, visiting one road destination per season, with the ultimate goal of seeing the Cardinals play in every venue in the NFL. So far,  I've been to Baltimore, Phlly, Buffalo, Chicago, St.Louis, Oakland, San Francisco, & Cincinnati - would have been to NYJ last season, but you know..the thing.  This year's destination is  JACKSONVILLE!!! 

I host a tailgate at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, AZ for the past 11 seasons, and have come to love tailgating at NFL football games!  So what I've been doing each year is going on the visiting city's message board and introducing myself and checking in to see if there is anyone who has a tailgate that they wouldn't mind allowing a visiting fan to crash.  So far, I've done this in every city I've visited with 100% positive vibes.  Yes, I'm a Cardinal fan...but my wife and I are honest, good-spirited, people who don't trash talk, or any of that non-sense.  Just love to meet new people and share the love of football and food.  Many of the people/families I've tailgated with are friends of mine today. 

So... if there's anyone who regularly hosts a tailgate at Jags games who would consider such a thing- OR - has any valuable tailgating information/advice for a visiting fan, please respond to this post.  My wife and I are absolutely willing and able to contribute with food/drink,  or financially, to cover ourselves.  My wife drinks very little, I'm a friend of Bill W, so I bring my own O'Doulls. I'm also a seasoned tailgate cook and am more than willing to pitch in labor if needed.  I know the season's a way's off...heck the schedule not even released yet..but I know the Cards play there and I am for sure coming.  Let me know..  Thanks all.

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  Saban: NFL Doctors May Have Whiffed on Moses
Posted by: SamusAranX - 05-07-2021, 08:26 AM - Replies (12)

Hmmmm. He makes an interesting comparison

Could you imagine if he's right and we get a great linebacker undrafted? Last player like that I can recall was James Harrison.

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  The Spring League
Posted by: homebiscuit - 05-06-2021, 09:27 PM - Replies (4)

A Spring League game is airing on FS1. Looks like another league trying to take up where the XFL stopped. They call themselves "An elite professional football development league". 

Home - The Spring League

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  Rate your excitement/expectations
Posted by: Jags32250 - 05-06-2021, 06:05 PM - Replies (24)

Ok, so we've beat to death our opinions on whether this was a good or bad draft.  Truth is, no one knows so the opinions are all fun yet really useless at this time.  Instead, let's gauge where we are at with our new acquisitions.

1. Trevor Lawrence. Thank you football gods!
2. Walker Little.  Man, the more I learn about this guy the more i think this could be a steal of the draft type pick! No doubt I was baffled at the time, but I now get it and am giddy!
3. Travis Etienne. Don't like RB in the first round, but the dude is explosive, super versatile and will score us points.  Probably the safest pick in the draft, I have no doubt he will excel.
4. Andre Cisco.  A ball-hawking S?!?  Much needed and yes please!  Pumped.  
5. Dylan Moses.  Ok, hang with me here.  Zero risk UDFA, insane reward.  I'm shocked this guy didn't get drafted.  With his decorated past and potential, this hopefully will be talked about for years to come. Stud IMO!!  Good work Jags.
6. Jay Tufele. Disruptor in the middle, high motor.  Could make J. Allen and K. Chaisson top of their Christmas card lists! Guessing will take some time to realize return on investment.

7. Tyson Campbell - Admitting my ignorance here as not a die hard college football fan and only read up on him and watched videos, but IDK, something in my gut strikes me as off. Feel like this was maybe the worst pick value vs. timing of the draft.  Would LOVE to be proved wrong.
8. Jalen Camp.  Please god, beat out Dorsett!!
9. Luke Farrell. Awesome he can block and recognize the importance, but we already have one of those. Meh.
10. Jordan Smith.  Talent is there but likely a scumbag and won't be around long.  Hope I'm wrong.

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  Trevor is going to wear #16, right?
Posted by: JagFanFirst - 05-06-2021, 03:12 PM - Replies (15)

Asked by the guy who just spent $120 on a Trevor jersey.

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  Offseason Workout Dates Announced
Posted by: Bullseye - 05-06-2021, 02:39 PM - Replies (1)

Based on what I remember from TL's announced surgery, we won't see him in action until August training camp.

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  4 scouts fired
Posted by: Sneakers - 05-06-2021, 09:12 AM - Replies (65)

AP reports Chris Driggers, Andy Dengler, Mark Ellenz and Paul Roell have all been discharged.

AP source: Jaguars fire 4 execs who spent 66 years with team (

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